Experience unforgettable moments and create lasting memories during your vacation as you explore breathtaking ports and indulge in extraordinary adventures. Discover the perfect cruise packages from Barbados and embark on a journey filled with unparalleled experiences.



Prepare yourself for the vacation of a lifetime! Embark on a magnificent journey aboard of Marella Discovery, where you'll be treated to an all-inclusive cruise experience for 7-night all-inclusive cruise for two adults.

Indulge in the convenience of having all tips included, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable time on board. From the moment you step foot on the ship, you'll be pampered with exceptional service and treated like royalty.

Your adventure begins in the vibrant city of Bridgetown, Barbados, where you'll be captivated by its lively atmosphere and rich culture. From there, you'll set sail to explore breathtaking destinations such as San Juan in Puerto Rico, Charlotte Amalie and Frederiksted in the US Virgin Islands, Roseau in Dominica, and Bequia in the Grenadines.

Please note that a USA VISA IS REQUIRED for this incredible journey.

$1175 USD


Depart 01 Dec 2024

Depart 08 Dec 2024

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! We have secured an incredible 7-night all-inclusive cruise for two adults on the magnificent Marella Discovery.

No need to worry about a thing, as this cruise package covers all tips, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for you.

Our journey will take us to some truly breathtaking destinations, starting with the vibrant Bridgetown in Barbados. From there, we'll set sail to the enchanting Castries in St Lucia, followed by the colorful Willemstad in Curacao, and the picturesque Oranjestad in Aruba. You'll also have the opportunity to explore the charming Kralendijk in Bonaire and the captivating St George's in Grenada. Finally, our cruise will gracefully conclude back in Bridgetown, Barbados.

With every detail taken care of, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and indulge in the excellent amenities and captivating entertainment aboard the ship. As we sail from one port to another, you can eagerly anticipate the awe-inspiring sights and unforgettable experiences that await us at each stop. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!

$1175 USD


This incredible cruise package is designed for 2 adults, offering a cozy inside cabin for your comfort. Get ready for 7 nights of pure bliss as you indulge in an all-inclusive experience aboard the magnificent Marella Voyager.

Throughout your voyage, every detail has been taken care of, including all tips. So you can relax and enjoy every moment without any worries.

Your adventure begins in the vibrant city of Bridgetown, Barbados. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere and soak up the Caribbean charm. From there, you'll set sail to explore the breathtaking destinations of Road Town in the British Virgin Islands, Philipsburg in St Maarten, Basseterre in St Kitts, St John's in Antigua, and Roseau in Dominica.

After an incredible journey, you'll return to Bridgetown, Barbados, where you can reflect on the memories made and the beauty you've experienced. Get ready for an all-inclusive cruise like no other, where relaxation, adventure await you at every turn.

$1125 USD


Depart 12 Dec 2024

Embark on a delightful vacation with your beloved family and friends. Indulge in the comfort of an intimate inside cabin designed for two adults. Experience the ultimate relaxation during a 7-night all-inclusive cruise, where every detail is taken care of, including tips. Set sail on the magnificent Marella Discovery and let the excitement unfold.

Your journey commences in the lively island of Bridgetown, Barbados. Explore the charming streets of St John's, Antigua, and immerse yourself in its rich culture. Discover the picturesque beauty of Philipsburg, St Maarten, and be captivated by its stunning beaches. Unwind in the tranquil atmosphere of Road Town, British Virgin Islands, and soak up the sun. Delight in the vibrant ambiance of Basseterre, St Kitts, and embrace its warm hospitality. Experience the enchanting allure of Pointe-A-Pitre, Guadeloupe, and create unforgettable memories. Finally, return to Bridgetown, Barbados, where your incredible journey comes to an end.

Embark on this extraordinary adventure and create cherished moments with your loved ones.

$1095 USD

Depart 15 Dec 2024